Carpet and Flooring

Carpet and Flooring

Our technicians are passionate about what they do and dedicated to staying on top of industry standards through training and use of high quality equipment. Our knowledge and eye for detail results in cleaner, long lasting carpets and more importantly, happy customers. At Optimum Cleaning we are more interested in building a lasting relationship with our clients than inflated pricing. With the use of our powerful truck mount system, your carpets will receive our best treatment every time.

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Carpet and Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

What process do you use to clean carpets?
We clean carpets using hot water extraction (HWE), also known as “Steam Cleaning”. HWE is the process leading carpet manufacturers recommend as an acceptable cleaning method in their warranty. We also have a low moisture encapsulation option that works well in many settings. With the use of one of these two methods and cleaning product approved by industry standards, we are able to leave your carpets thoroughly cleaned and smelling fresh!

What equipment do you use to clean carpets?
We have a powerful truck mount system which is contained within our van to clean most carpets. All we bring into your home or business is our hoses, tools, cleaning product and necessary accessories to protect your other flooring and corners as we maneuver through your home or business. In some instances, we use a quality portable machine if we cannot reach with our 150+ feet of hose.

How long does it take before my carpets are dry?
With HWE and our powerful vacuum system with over 485cfm’s we are able to leave your carpets completely dry within 4-6 hours depending on humidity levels and other factors. With our low moisture option, carpets are typically dry within 2-4 hours.

Do you move furniture?
Yes! We ask that you pick up any small items in your room such as books, toys etc, and we will move the larger items. The only things we do not move are some beds, and other large items such as pianos, entertainment centers or hutches. Upon completion of the cleaning, we will place protective tabs under your furniture as the carpet continues to dry to protect your furniture and flooring.

I have stubborn spots or pet urine spots, should I let you know prior to arrival?
Absolutely! Most spots are removed using our thorough cleaning process however, some stubborn spots require extra attention to ensure that they are fully extracted. In the case of urine spots, we have to use extra product and tools to make sure that we clean and fully neutralize the pet odor so that it is more likely that your pet does not return to that spot. Occasionally, we do run across a stain that has been set by another cleaning agent and cannot be removed.

Do you have hidden fees?
No! We do our best to quote you an honest and accurate price over the phone so that you know how much it will cost to clean your carpets. In order to give you an accurate quote over the phone, please tell us of any known spots at the time of booking your appointment. If the price of the cleaning is going to be different from what has been quoted, we will let you know prior to cleaning so that you can make an informed decision.

What is “wicking”?
Wicking is the process of a spot resurfacing after the affected spot is cleaned and dried. Carpet dries from the bottom of the carpet fibers up. As the carpet dries, if a spot has not been fully extracted, it will slowly reappear. This is one reason that it is crucial that we are made aware of any spots that you have previously treated before our arrival. The spot may have been removed on the surface, but is still present deep within the carpet fibers. During our deep extraction cleaning the area is properly cleaned but if we do not visibly see a spot, we do not pay extra attention to that area so we loosen and remove most of the spot, but in some instances not all which later reappears as the carpet fully dries. If a spot wicks back to the surface, let us know and we would be happy to return to fully extract that trouble spot.

What should I do immediately when a spill occurs?
Blot, do not rub the spot to remove the majority of the substance from the carpet fibers. Give us a call and we can give you advice as to what to use so that you do not “set” in the spot creating a stain that cannot be removed.

How long does it take to clean an area?
Typically it takes our technician between 30-40 minutes to clean an area up to 200 square feet which includes set up and tear down. If the floors are clear of any clutter, we can get through your home for efficiently so that you can go about your day.

My wood floors look dull, is there anything you can do?
Yes! Using our wood floor renewal system, we can deep clean your wood floors bringing back the luster they once had. This process requires that your wood floors still have finish present. It requires no sanding and leaves them with a new layer of protective finish for longer lasting beauty.

Do you clean tile and grout?
Absolutely! We can come in and deep clean your tile and grout removing build up and residue that daily cleaning leaves behind. Once the area is cleaned properly, we will then use a penetrating sealer to help protect your grout from becoming resoiled.